Substrateless Recirculating Hydroponic Systems

Leafy Crop System

The multilayer trough 3CP is the appropriate model for leafy crops.It is made of 3 polythene bands; with them a superior level and two inner levels are made up

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Vines and Tomato System

The multilayer through 4 CP is the model used for this type of crops.It is made of 4 polythene bands; with them a superior level and three inner levels are made up.

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Strawberry System

The multilayer DUO is specially designed for strawberry crops. 3 polythene bands forming a superior level and two interior levels..

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Max Pro System

Max Pro is a new concept in high yielding horticultural farming. Its main component is a strong greenhouse designed to achieve the optimal use of the surface and with enough capacity to any type of automation for crops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydroponic farming?

A high-tech method of using water to grow produce more efficiently without the use of soil.

Is this is a startup business?

In short, no. We use a proven system established in over 20+ countries worldwide in 1300+ farms. We believe the southeastern United States is the perfect market for our system and therefore have launched Cornucopia Farms LLC. to provide this solution for local economies and farmers.

How does this benefit consumers?

It benefits consumers because it provides them with Fresh and Local produce that is Non-GMO.

How does this benefit farmers?

It allows farmers to grow their produce anywhere, while using 20 times less water than soil-based gardening and along with it, the environment set around the produce is sterile, which means that there is no room for pesticides. We also help increase productivity and diversification of products.

What type of produce can cultivate using this system?

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, herbs, strawberries, and many more.