We're a family of farmers


Cornucopia Farms was founded in 2016 by William Rodriguez, a Venezuelan native who was born and raised on his family farm. At an early age, Mr. Rodriguez learned the ins and outs of traditional farming and helped maintain his family’s crops and cattle. As a fourth generation farmer, his great-grandfather passed down the family tradition and passion for creating healthy organic produce.

In 2016, Mr. Rodriguez sought to bring innovation to the agriculture industry in the southeast United States and added key players Maurizio Giabbai and Bruce Jones to the organization in order to help his mission. Their goal was to not only help local communities have access to fresh produce but also to help stimulate the local economies by providing them with job opportunities and educating the next generation of farmers cultivate in an innovative, sustainable and organic way.

Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, we realized that there was a niche for quality organic produce grown the way that nature intended for it to be: organically.

We are proud to be registered members of Georgia Organics, the Georgia Agribusiness Council and Georgia Grown and to be recognized among select organic produce facilities who reduce the carbon footprint our industry is working tirelessly to minimize.

Meet Our Team


Today, we continue to grow our family on the farm, encouraging strong roots for a better food and agriculture system for all.

Maurizio Giabbai

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Jones

Chief Marketing Officer

Pablo Barreat

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Pearson

Chief Technology Officer

Derek Angulo

Quality Control Manager

Alessandra Rodriguez

Assistant Marketing Manager

Jeremy Crawford

Talent Acquisition Manager